By The Numbers: Resources

Below you’ll find links to several other resources on this website, in addition to those that are available on this blog. You’ll find practical tools like our Lapsing Client Toolkit, complete with marketing scripts and tips for a successful reactivation campaign. You’ll also find individual case studies and videos on how to make the best use of your VetSuccess reports. We’ve even produced an ebook which is a compilation of a diverse group of practice consultation notes!

We’ll be adding resources on an ongoing basis so would love to hear your feedback on what we’ve created and what you’re most interested in.

NEW! Forward-Booking Staff Meeting in a Box >

To help you implement a forward-booking protocol in your practice, Brenda Tassava, CVPM has put together created this fun and engaging staff-meeting kit.

Preventive Care Checklist >

Tune Up Your Preventive Care Standards. Download this free checklist, developed in collaboration with Brenda Tassava, CVPM, to help your practice update or create your standards.

Case Study Resource >

Inside this handy resource book, you’ll find detailed notes and recommendations from leading practice management consultant, Brenda Tassava, CVPM, from her consultations on 15 Practice Overview Reports

Case Studies >

These mini-case studies identify problems revealed by the Practice Overview Report, including recommended action and results achieved or expected.

Lapsing Client Toolkit >

Designed to help you effectively re-engage with those clients who have not been into your practice in 14+ months.

PORs in action >

Watch this video from practice management consultant Brenda Tassava, CVPM,with real examples of Practice Overview Reports showing declines in the numbers of patients, and action taken to reverse the trend.

How-to video >

Your practice can easily audit and move around codes as you wish, simply by logging in to the VetSuccess mapping site. This brief video shows you how.

FAQs >

We’ve compiled the most common questions we get asked by members and those considering membership.

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